November 2014

I came to Cherie Griffiths while attempting to work out a separation agreement with my then husband who had done everything in the book to be cruel, deceiving and unfair in his “negotiations” for a 23 month period.

Cherie perfectly balances the practical experience she’s gained from her own life and holistic work with intuition and education.

A lot of emotions are involved when going through a divorce but usually we are not able to take the time to work through these emotions because we are so busy going through the divorce. Cherie understands this and her sessions were compassionate but to the point which is precisely the management of time and the degree of empathy I needed.

Cherie gave me invaluable tools, boundaries and a clear working model as how best to navigate the set of circumstances unique to my separation and divorce process. She clearly explained what I needed to do in my quiet alone time and I was able to formulate, under Cherie’s coaching, a separation contract that, 3 days after submitting to the lawyers, my now ex-husband accepted and with no countering. What had been a messy procedure for 23 months turned into, after working with Cherie, a straight-forward and fluid undertaking. My only regret was not seeking her out earlier.

Cherie’s coaching was the catalyst that sped up this process but more importantly I got what I needed financially and what was fair from the divorce and in an accelerated timeframe. Cherie’s coaching was life-changing for me on many levels and life-altering to my circumstances.

I strongly recommend Cherie Griffiths. If you ever wanted good to come from the bad of your divorce then contact Cherie Griffiths and be amazed and bask in gratitude for her. I still am!

A treasured client – Anonymous