If you focus on your feet today and all that they do for you, your understanding of all that is in your life will grow.  It will help to centre and ground you, great for busy minded people like me (all in the head) !   We have over 4,700 nerve endings in the feet,… Continue reading FOOT RUB


   Lemony Lentil Today, I asked myself, “How can I commit to my goal of preparing more soups ?”. “What does preparing them offer me, and my friends and family knowing there is plenty” ? “When I nourish myself with these soups, how do I feel” ? Without thinking …. I knew, and I also… Continue reading THYME FOR SOUP

Goals ! Did you forget to write it down ?

The act of writing, and the energy associated with inking it, brings clarity and manifestation, especially when you need that 1/4 step forward.   It helps to bring action, because without action, there is no alchemy. Especially if you are sitting on the fence or hiding behind the computer.  Or staying inside on these polar… Continue reading Goals ! Did you forget to write it down ?

Happy February Goal Day 2

If you have participated in day 1, you will have at least one goal for February, to celebrate by the 28th ! Whatever that goal is, I ask you: What in your life or home could use some decluttering or organization ? Is there one element that you could spend some time today working on… Continue reading Happy February Goal Day 2


February 1st Alright !   February is here, and my game of goals through post it notes is starting. Would you like to walk with me along a 28 day fruition journey, envisioning a select goal, or a few, and the transformation to the other side of that goal.  One of them could be …..… Continue reading FEBRUARY GOALS


This is post 1 of No Time to Cook, and tips to find that Time ! The general complaint I hear when I ask the question, “How much time do you spend preparing home cooked meals during the week”, is “I don’t have time to cook”.   I don’t have the energy to cook when… Continue reading NO TIME TO COOK ?