Pivoting Before Burnout

Burnout starts out slowly, and without realizing it, it can be like the candle whose light diminishes into darkness.


If so, and you or perhaps a loved one is depleting their energy, loosing their light, burning out the candle at both ends, feeling so weary with mental and physical exhaustion from the morning to night, its time to pivot. You may see the light dimming in their face, their surprising cynical words, their voice, their detachment and ineffectiveness to manage any more responsibilities or expectations at home or work.

Some of the symptoms of burnout, recognized by the World Health Organization are:
-mental and physical exhaustion
-detachment from work related activities and social withdrawal
-feeling tired and wired at first

This is what burnout starts out like and yet sneaks up so silently, until one day there is a shadow of darkness over a life that is usually so giving, full of zest, that it overtakes wellbeing, the joy of going to work, the joy of life
…and rest, recuperation is no longer an option.

What would it look like to pivot before this? Even years before…

My name is Cherie Griffiths and ‘pivoting from burnout’ is a month by month program I offer as a support and guide to rekindle your flame or of a loved one, to replenish energy, health, find renewal through conscious awareness and every day practices. When you have lightness in the heart, and you feel well, you come to a place where everything you need is inside of you, leaving more space and time to connect to what you truly value and love. The external world becomes one that offers more appreciation and gratitude and you or loved one becomes a light that shines bright, and the ripple effect creates rainbows for others as well. Imagine….

We meet each week for minimum one month, in person or online where I share simple, short and uplifting tools to practise, encourage and reframe the state of doing more to a state of being more, enriching your health and wellbeing of body, mind, spirit. This approach brings together many of the holistic variations that sparked my own journey through burnout and to rise again.
For a 30 minute discussion on burnout and options,
CONTACT ME @ cherieshygrif@gmail.com or 438-869-1215