Flower essences

If you love flowers, trees, their beauty and their essence, imagine that that essence that can be captured in a bottle. Yes, that’s right! The flower essences are part of a complimentary system of healing through nature’s gifts, of plants, trees, flowers and considered ‘energy medicine’ or ‘vibrational medicine’, working gently and subtly with emotional states to create positive shifts, naturally.

Dr. Edward Bach was a physician, immunologist, homeopathic doctor and developed the 38 remedies (essences) in the 1930’s. He was considered ahead of his times, an intuitive soul, mystical, brilliant and brought to the world a healing modality that was meant to be gentle, effective using the energy of plants. They are known globally and yet not known of as well as they should be.

They are used safely for babies, children, pregnancy, adults, animals, and to help heal plants.

Some of the attributes of the remedies focus on issues such as:

Discouragement, Setbacks
Over concern for the Welfare of Others

Although the synergy by using a combination of essences is usually prepared for an individual, attuning to their needs, the above represents only a fraction of what flower essences address.

As a previous teacher of Bach Flower Remedies, we start with a consultation, preparation of the remedy, and follow up. Consultations are offered online or in person & they can be mailed anywhere in Canada.

Please contact me if you are curious to know more or to set up a consultation.

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