The Practitioners’ Sandbox – Course & Workshop

The 9 WAVES to creating the Reflexologists’ & Massage Therapists’ Sandbox Practice:

Wholistic and practical – Strategies for building and sustaining a heart centered practice.

Drawing the lines in the sand instead of sinking a sandcastle

The 9 waves will cover topics, and employ personal exercises to rediscover your self in your practice:

  • What does your sandbox look like ? Directions, framework, goals & tools in a heart centered practice.
  • Healer heal thyself.   Bach Flower Essences for the practitioner.
  • Harmonizing chi in the workspace or office, including an in office consultation with myself and you.
  • Salt water baths and boundaries, healers’ protection & grounding.
  • Sharing & exchanges and your value in the workplace.  Clearing blocks and transformation.
  • Shadow of self, projection, transference and outcomes, redefining communication.
  • Spiritual and Practical Marketing strategies.
  • Exercises for the practitioner and share care for clients.
  • Nutrition for balancing energy for the busy practitioner.

A workbook, reflective projects and creative/fun visualizations will be part of this course over a 9 week period,  or introductory 4 hour workshop.

Follow up concluding the course of a one hour private session.



9 week course:

$799.00 or 4 monthly payments of $225.00, starting September 2013

4 hour workshop:

$149.00 September 11th, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Montreal, Qc.

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