Greetings ! Can I ask you something ?

How are your shoulders feeling ? Are they feeling as if all the troubles of your job, family, friends and the responsibility of the world are sitting on them? If you touch them, do they feel like marshmallows or like cement?
How about your lower back? Is it speaking softly to you during daily activities or screaming? Aha, I bet it’s screaming sometimes.

How well have you eaten today with home made nourishing food ? Trusting your answer was WELL, SUPER, AWESOME or, were there lunches out, dinner out, many cups of coffee to keep you going? Glass of wine or two, crashed on the couch and a country song backwards sounds like an ideal life?
Who will you become if you continue like this?
What will your life look like in 5 years from now, 10 years?
Do you want to make changes to feel better, celebrate this gift of life, wake up with energy, fell well with less aches or pains and sleep like a rock?

Waves of Wellbeing provides holistic care with Reflexology Therapy, Body/Mind Acupressure, energy work, holistic nutrition and personal coaching, dedicated towards personal transformation to feel well and vibrant, wake up with energy and sleep like a rock.

If there is a longing, or a niggling feeling of being stuck but truly wish you had a map to move forward, learn to put your own oxygen mask on again after neglected self care, I’d like to ask, ‘When was the last time you felt like a wave of wellbeing’?

If that is you, and you find the little aches, pains creeping up, wish you had a better connection to your own body mind spirit, (you can) and open to life style changes, please reach out. It starts with one small step at a time (individual sessions), or if you are ready, waves of wellbeing (monthly specialized packages).

Contact Cherie for a complimentary 30 minute phone or Zoom session, with your WHY. Why do you wish to feel better. Lets talk … [email protected]

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