client words

I have had the pleasure to use the services of Cherie Griffiths.
She has a very wide range of experience and is very knowledgeable in many disciplines. You get her experience and depth of knowledge in many therapies even when you are only seeing her for one.

I would highly recommend Cherie for all of her talents. Her compassion for humanity shows in her work. Very professional, keen listener, intuitive to other things that might be going on with your health issues.

Reflexology, life and health coaching, Hot stone massage, are just a few of her talents. An appointment with Cherie is always a breath of fresh air.

T. Ansell, Former Toronto Fire Captain

THIS is what Cherie Griffiths’s personalized plant essences blend has helped me achieve!! 🌾🌿💫💃🏻
I’m currently experiencing the absolutle BLISS of authentic alignment within myself. 🙏☺️
Cherie listens with her heart and is incredibly sensitive and intuitive. She is a safe place and will connect you to nature’s ✨magic✨.
Thank you so very much Cherie!

Christine Packolyk, Yoga, Reiki Teacher

I reached out to Cherie to help me in my quest to heal from recent physical and emotional pain, and to find acceptance and look towards the future. I really appreciate her wisdom and experience in bodywork therapies including craniosacral, acupressure and reflexology, as well as coaching and weekly check-ins between sessions. She has so many tools and techniques to draw on, which she used as needed to help guide me and address the challenges I was facing. I think this combination of support is truly unique, and what I needed to let go and allow the healing to begin. Cherie was there for me in my time of need – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.
C. Merey, Triathlon Coach

If there’s an oasis of calm and tranquility in Oshawa, it’s in Cherie Griffiths’ studio. After a mad dash down the 401 in mid-winter, stepping into Cherie’s home was like finding water in the desert. It was only after she welcomed me in to her warm, fragrant treatment room and I began to relax, that I realized how much stress I had been carrying around.

After a brief orientation, Cherie eased me into a my very first stone reflexology session. She has the delicate, confident touch of a master therapist, and over 45 minutes she unwound years of stress that had been beaten into my feet and stored throughout my exhausted body. We chatted briefly and then lapsed into a comfortable silence as I contemplated the nurturing energy of Cherie’s treatment room, her careful attention to detail, and the comfort of her healing touch. I relaxed so deeply that I briefly dozed off, and woke feeling refreshed even though only a few minutes had passed.

She ended the session with some helpful nutritional counselling and a few surprising insights into my overall health. My feet felt lighter than air on the drive home, and the feeling of being holistically “tuned up”.

Prior to my experience with Cherie, I had always thought of reflexology as a frivolous luxury. But through her treatment I began to see it more as “basic maintenance” for my mind, body and soul. I’m looking forward to our next session!
Andy Torr, Authentic Networker

Over the years, I have had several different types of therapies with Cherie, including Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Swedish massage, Stone massage. She has extensive knowledge in Naturopathy, Bach flowers, Holistic nutrition, Massage, Stones to name a few. Cherie is a wealth of information as she constantly studies and improves her skills.
This, in addition to her passion and dedication, shines through in each session. Cherie is the go-to therapist best seen on a regular basis to maintain your health, deal with any pain which may arise or for deep relaxation from your busy world. I highly recommend her.
Veronique Beniak, RMT, RCRT

I was lucky enough to get a few reflexology sessions with Cherie when she worked in Montreal. The first two sessions were done while I was at peak stress levels due to an upcoming CFA exam. As crazy as it may sound but getting my feet massaged was the best way to get my head to relax. The sessions proved to be beneficial both in the immediate short term as well as the longer term as in the coming weeks I was able to study longer and sleep better and have an overall energy boost. This in turn translated into more productivity at work and me being able to deal better with the fast pace and stressful work environment as I work with the stock market. Also, another interesting point was that just by touching my feet, Cherie was able to pinpoint certain health issues that I hadn’t even mentioned to her prior to the visit. Overall it was a pleasant experience from A to Z as Cherie is very professional yet also very easy going and pleasant to be with. I highly recommend a visit.
R V, Montreal

Bodywork/Flower Essences/Consulting

“I am so grateful for the gift of Cherie Griffiths. I have been receiving treatments from Cherie for several years – every modality from reflexology, acupressure and cranio-sacral massage to hot stone massage and Bach flower remedies.

Cherie takes the time to assess which healing art is best for my body and soul when I visit her for treatments and she’s always right. I am forever amazed at the depth of her intuition, at how she intuits the state of my physical body and its energy circuits.

She is highly knowledgeable, meticulous and never hurried in her approach.

In addition to taking the time to give her clients the best possible treatments, Cherie listens and counsels with deep compassion. In fact, everything Cherie does is governed by compassion and understanding. I feel the benefits of Cherie’s expert treatments and care long after my appointments.”
S.W., Editor

Reflexology/Stone Therapy/Nutrition Consulting

“WOW! The reflexology sessions we had were awesome!!! My shoulders feel wonderful!! I haven’t felt this much relief in months! I got my full rang of motion back!!! The pain just simply went away! I can’t thank you enough! From the bottom of my heart!


T. M., Montreal

Cranio Sacral Reflexology

Feeling great after yesterday’s session!  Thank you Cherie!

B. P., Montreal

Bodywork/Nutrition Consulting
“I have been using Cherie Griffiths services for over three years and I am very happy with the results.

Cherie is a highly professional and compassionate practitioner with much experience in the healing arts. 

My sessions with Cherie have improved my osteoarthritis as well as my low blood pressure issues with the additional bonus of getting some much needed relaxation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.” 
T.M., Feng Shui Teacher, Writer, Montreal

A client from Mind Your Divorce (New Roots Coaching) …

I came to Cherie Griffiths while attempting to work out a separation agreement with my then husband who had done everything in the book to be cruel, deceiving and unfair in his “negotiations” for a 23 month period.

Cherie perfectly balances the practical experience she’s gained from her own life and holistic work with intuition and education. A lot of emotions are involved when going through a divorce but usually we are not able to take the time to work through these emotions because we are so busy going through the divorce. Cherie understands this and her sessions were compassionate but to the point which is precisely the management of time and the degree of empathy I needed. Cherie gave me invaluable tools, boundaries and a clear working model as how best to navigate the set of circumstances unique to my separation and divorce process. She clearly explained what I needed to do in my quiet alone time and I was able to formulate, under Cherie’s coaching, a separation contract that, 3 days after submitting to the lawyers, my now ex-husband accepted and with no countering. What had been a messy procedure for 23 months turned into, after working with Cherie, a straight-forward and fluid undertaking. My only regret was not seeking her out earlier.

Cherie’s coaching was the catalyst that sped up this process but more importantly I got what I needed financially and what was fair from the divorce and in an accelerated timeframe. Cherie’s coaching was life-changing for me on many levels and life-altering to my circumstances.

I strongly recommend Cherie Griffiths. If you ever wanted good to come from the bad of your divorce then contact Cherie Griffiths and be amazed and bask in gratitude for her. I still am!

Montreal, Qc.

S.H., Endure Beauty International