stone medicine

cropped-IMG_0248.jpgStone medicine may seem relatively new but stones have been used in traditional cultures for healing, as tools, and even as the first acupuncture needles. The mineral contents in stones determine the best use for the stones, whether they are to be heated, cooled, and where on the body they are to be used. Stones may be used an adjunct to bodywork, placement on the body, on acupressure points or for massage. At waves of wellbeing, they are especially used for specialized Reflexology sessions, or to improve tension & lymphatic drainage on the face.

The stones I use are made of basalt, jade, and marble (with consent), or will incorporate agates and wands in the stone sessions. The therapeutic use of stones, and temperature are used with respect to the each individual as stones bring deep relief to tissues, muscle tension, facilitate detoxification, circulation, and a depth of relaxation and freedom of stress, that is often not able to be described in words.

In Rocking Reflexology, where my motto is ‘Where you need to be rocked, I will roll’, a session of classic Reflexology, and also using warm stones, on the feet and tucked alongside the body and on special acupressure points, feels like being the river and being tucked in by the safety of the riverbeds.  This invokes a sense of depth of relaxation and for this reason, I prefer to offer this session in the evenings where one can surrender to the candlelight, peace, and go home and have a deep relaxing sleep.

An invitation to experience ‘the stones’ will also be offered along a simple, profound and mindful reflexology path I have created in my backyard.

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