The art and science of Reflexology, (a newer name, from which the actual technique of working on the feet has evolved into a science in this day and age), originated over 5000 years ago in the traditions of the Mayans, in Egypt, India, China, and Native Indian Traditions.

Today the therapy is based on the fact that the nerve impulses that arrive in the feet and through pressure in exact points and reflexes send signals back to the brain, organs, muscles, glands, and promote homeostasis (BALANCE), to the nervous system.

It is a holistic therapy, and a practitioner can sense where there are imbalances in the reflexes of the body. For example in the shoulder referral area near the small toes, often small crystals are felt, which can block the nerve endings from transmitting signals back to the brain. When one thinks that there are over 7,000 nerve endings in one foot only, there is a sensitive touch and the training that allows a Reflexologist to perceive this. Working through the feet can help to unblock these areas where energy does not flow. Usually there is sensitivity to the client, a temperature difference, tightness or a feeling of grains of sand. The modality is one of prevention, assistance in healing, and complimentary to healing of many states of disharmony in the body.

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Cranio Sacral Reflexology

Dr. Martine Fauer Alderson, U.K. is the founder of CSR, and has brought together a system of working through the feet that encompasses classic reflexology, cranio sacral therapy, osteopathy, the meridians & the central nervous system. The techniques of this modality address issues that stem from whiplash, the 4 stages of stress syndrome, injuries and encourage the alignment of the cranial sacral system and flow of the cerebral spinal fluid. It is offered in protocols to assist with the lympathic system, heart protocol, and preventive and balancing of the whole system.

Stone Reflexology

Stone Reflexology:
Basalt and jade stones can be added to a Reflexology session along with finger pressure on the feet, and the corresponding reflex points. The combination offers a deep sense of warmth to cold feet, and the ability to go gently but deeper into the muscles and fascia. Pressure is always adjusted for each individual, and according to their health. The combination of warmth, and connection with the stones is a truly grounding and relaxing session. This session lasts between 60 – 75 minutes.

It is reminiscent of Reflexology paths found in various parks around the world promoting wellness through the feet.

Reflexology is offered on a massage table, and clothing is left on….this is important to note and one only needs to remove socks and wear pants that can be rolled up to the knee. Sessions are available for 60, 75 & 90 minutes.

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