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Having worked with a therapeutic process and consulting for holistic health goals and using bodywork, I also offer coaching sessions that guide you, as a personal coach, to step into places of your life where the possibilities and barriers are not seen by ones’ self. This may be a conflict, uncertainty about a goal, a relationship or a vision that is blurred.  It is often a place where the personality has limited beliefs about their own power and abilities, and a coach can help to ignite that place within that may feel lost or stuck.

The coaching vs. consultation helps to bring clarity, and focus in areas where strengths are hidden and unaware, helping to bring opportunities and goals into fruition. In coaching I am like the gentle but strong hand to lead a path of guidance and possibilities, and assist clients to be accountable, while encouraging through each step of the process.

Do you remember when you were little, and curious and looking through a little keyhole to perhaps see what was going on on the other side of the door or having your ear to the wall to listen to a conversation on the other side but everything was muffled ? You couldn’t see the whole view through the tiny keyhole or hear the whole conversation! The wall was in the way, or there was no key for that door.
Coaching is like using a key that fits into the tiny keyhole and opening that door to a new view, and a new conversation. Clarity brings perspectives, beliefs, and values into context, and seeing where the vision is so much clearer one step forward at a time.

Along with accountability Solution Focused Coaching helps to realize a realm of life that moves one out of the places where complacency and desire have meandered in a direction that may not be truly your own. It is about owning your own vision and no one elses’, and through knowing who you truly are, that through coaching, the strength of the individual not only shines, but glows.

I would love to explore with you, your key to possibilities so that you may have a glimpse into the spark of opening a new door in your world.

Please feel welcome to contact me for a 20  minute call via Skype, phone or in person.


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