This is post 1 of No Time to Cook, and tips to find that Time !

The general complaint I hear when I ask the question, “How much time do you spend preparing home cooked meals during the week”, is “I don’t have time to cook”.   I don’t have the energy to cook when I get home from work, school.  The kids kept me up all night, I’m tired.   I had laundry to do instead.     I am too rushed in the morning to eat breakfast or prepare a nourishing lunch.


Nevermind travel, that’s another subject.  Rolling along the highway, hungry and nothing but row after row of fast food eateries.


Time…it is such an interesting material and I’d like to help you by offering some tips on allowing yourself more time to cook up some fabulous simple meals.


1. Schedule time, just as you do for dentist, doctor, appointments, for meal planning and preparation.  There is no difference, meal planning is just as important.


2. Grab a pen and paper and answer (to yourself) …. What is getting in the way of me preparing nourishing food at home rather than eating out.


3. Now draw a line to have 2 columns, with two headings.


How do I feel when I eat out ?   How do I feel when I have delicious home cooked food ?


List all the ways your body



digests the food

energy level

emotions that come up


That’s a start and to keep the post simple, I’ll return tomorrow, February 1st.   If you’d like to leave a comment on where you might be stuck, or the reason you don’t have time, I’d love to hear from you.