February GoalsFebruary 1st

Alright !   February is here, and my game of goals through post it notes is starting.GOAL OUTCOME

Would you like to walk with me along a 28 day fruition journey, envisioning a select goal, or a few, and the transformation to the other side of that goal.  One of them could be ….. I have not time to cook !     The tips in general and self reflective questions will help you with this goal too !

Here is what I have done and if you’d like to play, I’d be so happy to have you join me.  Its a great strategy, and I love post it notes.  They work for me, as a visual person, and then when I write, it becomes even more of a focus too.  Does that work for you ?

a) I chose 5 elements in my life to work on for this month, that are specific, and within reason.

b) I wrote each one on a post it note (1st photo) and stuck them to my kitchen cupboard.

c) On another post it note, for each goal, (2nd photo), I wrote the outcome that I envision.

d) In a journal, I also wrote each goal, or element that I wanted to change/accomplish, and each day I will write at least one sentence relating to that goal and why it is important for me.

e) As each goal comes into fruition, replace it with the outcome post it note and celebrate yourself with a thank you, or the word(s) that resonates with you the most.

If the goals are within reason, inherent to you, and important enough, you will be the change you wish to see.

I’ll be blogging every day, unless I turn into an icicle, if only one sentence, as that is one of my goals.

On that note, I invite you to play along and share your goals, reach out for help, accountability, or stuckness.

with ease and grace, enjoy your month !